Digital Marketing Plan Pricing

Digital Marketing Plan Pricing

Programs Priced With Your Business Goals in Mind.

Uniquely designed, goal orientated programs priced to help
your company achieve a measurable marketing ROI.

Step 1: Digital Marketing Action Plan Creation.

The most important parts of your company’s success journey are the itinerary and road map.


Why you should develop your Winning Marketing Action Plan

When you move your company forward with a comprehensive understanding of itself and the competitive landscape you’re business goals are more easily translated to marketing activities and goals. You can navigate this landscape with confidence, as we then build your company a step by step digital marketing road-map. A winning digital marketing action plan makes Your Business Better Online.

Included In Your Action Plan

  • Comprehensive Website Analysis
  • Complete Value Proposition and USP analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competitor VS. benchmarking
  • SEO Assessment
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Matrix
  • Long Tail Keyword Ideas
  • Social Media Assessment
  • Ideal Prospect and Customer identification
  • Critical metrics and benchmarks for success
  • Traffic and Lead Generation Strategy
  • Sales and Revenue Growth Strategy
  • 7 Levers Profit Analysis & Strategy
  • Detailed SMART marketing strategies and goals.
  • 3 ,6 or 12 months of digital marketing activities.
One small fee: $1378

Stick with Digital Hinge and be Rewarded for Your Loyalty

Once we deliver your company’s Action Plan you’re not committed to working with us to activate the tactics and strategies. (but we’d love to)

When you do choose to work with Digital Hinge to execute your plan’s activities, we’ll credit 50% of the Digital Marketing Starter Pack fee to your 1st month’s Action Plan Activation / Retainer Program


get startedGet Started

Develop your Winning Digital Marketing Action Plan. Got 30 minutes for your free Assessment?

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What Else To Expect

  • 21 Day Delivery
  • Kick off on-boarding call
  • Weekly call for ongoing strategic & tactical plan development
  • Agendas delivered before every call
  • Weekly call ‘minutes’ after all conversations

Step 2: Action Plan Activation

Implementing WordPress, developing and building your website ensuring a firm foundation to activate your powerful Digital Marketing Action Plan.

winning digital marketing planWinning Solution

Ideal plan for companies needing WordPress website creation or refreshing including all the tools and services for a winning digital marketing campaign.

What's Included?

business websitesWebsite Development + SEO Optimisation

  • 40 Hours of Website Development
  • Creation of Content & Artwork
  • Website Built on WordPress
  • Search Engine & Customer Friendly
  • Social Media Search Friendly
  • Response and Mobile Ready Design
  • 20 Website Pages Built in WordPress

online training Online Training

  • 6 Hours of Web Training
  • Webinars include:
  • WordPress,
  • Social Media Managers,
  • Email Marketing and more

dedicated account managementDedicated Account Management

  • Access Project Management System
  • Kick off on-boarding call
  • Weekly Tactits & Review Calls
  • Agendas delivered before every call
  • Weekly call ‘minutes’

Blog set up and migrationBlog Set-Up and Migration

  • Blog Creation & Optimisation
  • Migrate All Content from Existing Blog
  • Reformatted for New Design
  • Images Repurposed & Optimised

social media marketingSocial Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Creation of all SMM Profile Artwork
  • Set-up of Relevant Social Media Profiles

content-marketingEngaging Content Creation

  • 15 Hours of Engaging content Creation
  • Repurposing & Optimisation Content
  • Creation of New Content such as:
  • (EBooks, White papers, Slideshows)

landing page creationLanding Page Creation

  • 5 Conversion Optimised Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Content Creation
  • Activation of Evergreen Scarcity Workflows
  • Creation of Unique Linked Thank You Pages

calls to action CTA'sCalls to Action Creation & Optimisation

  • 8 Hours of Stage1 CTA Design & Creation
  • Integration of CTA’s into Website
  • Creation of 5 Split Test Variations

marekting automationMarketing Automation Activation

  • 10hrs Email Marketing Automation SetUp
  • Creation of Auto-Responders for all Landing Pages
  • Creation of Segmented Email Lists
  • Creation of Lead Nurturing Campaigns


Two payments of


Stick with Digital Hinge and be Rewarded for Your Loyalty

You’ve no obligation to work with us after we’ve developed your Activation Plan. However when you do hire Digital Hinge to continue on, we’ll credit the 2nd payment of $7,500 to your Retainer Program.

*Note all plans are all inclusive of all and any fees for hosting, subscription services etc. No further monthly fees to pay for 12 months for a complete, powerful digital marketing solution.

custom digital marketing planCustom Solution

The custom plan is included for companies whose requirements are outside of what our Winning Plan provides including multiple website properties & unified branding.

Custom Services Available

  • Website Rescue & Refresher
  • E-Commerce Website Development
  • Migratation to WordPress
  • Social Media Managers
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Call To Action Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Evergreen Scarcity Promotion Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Development
  • Adwords Campaings
  • Training


Pricing for custom services are provided based on your unique needs.

Make Your Business Better Online

Our Digital Marketing Consultants will provide you a free 30 minutes assessment to get you started!

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Step 3. Select the Retainer Suited to Make Your Business Better Online

Hire us as your digital marketing team to generate more leads, build a community around your brand and grow revenue.

What's the Best Retainer Package for My Company?

How do I Choose the Right Retainer Package?

We know how you feel and that’s why we have 3 simple packages.

We don’t bill by the hour unlike other digital agencies so you can budget exactly how much you will spend on your digital marketing each month – no surprises!

By not having billable hours we believe our customers can achieve the best results. With billable hours schemes you are constantly tracking your current month’s spend – and sometimes this holds your company back from achieving its goals in the desired time-frames.

When you select one of our 3 easy to understand Retainer Packages you can budget exactly what you’re going to spend every month and be sure that you’re not compromising your company’s growth potential.

To get a better understanding of which plan will suit your company’s unique needs schedule a free 30 minute assessment with one of our Digital Marketing Consultants.

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Tier 1:

Ideal for companies requiring entry level digital marketing services. This includes companies with a single brand focused on being noticed in their market niche and revenue growth.

Tier 1 Retainer Package Details

  • Limited Budget
  • Aspirational Company Goals
  • Need More Leads for Sales
  • 1st Entry to Digital Marketing
  • Website Increasing in Revenue Importance

$2,888 p/m

Tier 2:

Ideal for companies whose goals are to achieve significant revenue growth in the order of 15%-25% and needs refocus on their digital market efforts across single or multiple brands.

Tier 2 Retainer Packages Details

  • 12 Month Marketing Strategy
  • Sophisticated Automation Workflows
  • Clients highly involved in process
  • Complete suite of inbound services
  • Uses Digital Hinge as Marketing Team Extension

$5,000 p/m

Tier 3:

Ideal for companies requiring enterprise level, multi-brand, multi-website transformation of their online presence with significant, customised focus for 12-24 months.

Tier 3 Retainer Packages Details

  • Active with Online Marketing
  • Marketing requires massive boost
  • Focus on Quality, Qualified, Sales ready leads
  • #1 Market Aspirations

$9,800 p/m

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect results?

This really depends on the tier of Retainer Program you choose and the number of resources you dedicate if you elect to activate the plan yourself.

Typically it will take 6-9 months of focused efforts to ramp up to serious goal achievement levels. And a great aspect of digital marketing for your company is that you will start to notice small increments very quickly, which will grow over time.

Whilst it is unlikely you will achieve your end goal in the 1st month, changes in how you business is found and perceived online will start in only a few weeks after Action Plan Activation.

How many hours are dedicated to my account each month?

We don’t bill by the hour because we position ourselves as an extension of your marketing team, not an outsourced marketer. And that makes all the difference.

As we create your Digital Marketing Action plan we provide an outline of all activities required to achieve your unique goals with an outlook always on results. We’ll work as long as it takes to implement your company’s Action Plan within the timeline we provided.

If you are ready to discuss your goals and understand how much it will cost to reach them, simply schedule your free 30 minute assessment with our consultants.

Request Assessment

Am I locked in for 12 months with the Retainer Packages once I start?

We have a simple policy. If you feel its not working out or you’re not getting the value and results then best we part ways.

Of course we’d be working hard so we never get into this position and we understand sometimes things change with your business or ours that causes us not to fit anymore.

We’d rather part ways than locking in an unhappy customer. There’s no gimmicks or terms and conditions. Simply provide us written notice of your intent to discontinue with your retainer program and on your next billing cycle we’ll bid you a fond farewell with best wishes for future success.

Do you guarantee results?

The internet isn’t magic, its merely efficient. Results are not guaranteed but we can guarantee:

  • The Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing tactics and strategies we create for your in your Digital Marketing Action Plan and manage for you is today the most cot effective, efficient way to generate more leads, build a community around your brand and grow your revenue
  • The software tools we use and activate for you are among the industry’s best and we know how to make the most from them.
  • We’ll stick by you with training resources and dedicated account management who’ll do everything to help you achieve your goals.

Can't I just get a cheaper web developer to build a website?

Do you mean you want to save money by paying a lower price?

We don’t believe you will save any money. We do believe you may pay a lower price in dollar terms that also has a lower value – that wont be optimised to perform at its best, day after day, week after week.

This is often called Costs vs. Price vs. Value.

Naturally it’s your choice. Why not go ahead and schedule a free 30 minute assessment call, get some clarity on Costs vs. Price vs. Value…and then make your decision.

Request Review

Cutting corners or taking shortcuts that will compromise your company’s success is not part of our company’s DNA. And we wont apologise for that being represented in our pricing models.

What's the deal with the account credits?

We will provide a discount off your next invoice.

Digital Marketing Plan: When you hire Digital Hinge to develop your Digital Marketing Action plan we will invoice you $1,378 at the time of the agreement.

If you decide to hire Digital Hinge within 30 days after delivery of your Action Plan – to undertake an Action Plan Activation to the value of $15,000 or greater OR a monthly Retainer Program equal to $2,888 p/m or more (minimum 3 month commitment) then we will credit you $689 on your next invoice.

Action Plan Activation:When you hire Digital Hinge to undertake your Action Plan Activation you will be invoiced 1 payment of $7500 at the time of the agreement and another 30 days later $7,500 when the Action Plan Activation is completed. If your decision is to hire Digital Hinge within 30 days of the 2nd invoice to undertake a monthly Retainer Program equal to $5,000 p/m or more (minimum 3 month commitment) then we will credit $7,500 to your account equally across your next 3 invoices.

To understand how this process and fee structure would work for your company simply schedule a free 30 minute call with our digital marketing consultants

Request Assessment

I don't think my industry is ready for Digital Marketing. I'd rather spend the money on tradeshows

Hey, maybe you’re right…We know how you feel and recognise that sometimes it hard to see the forest for the trees.

But if you have prospects and customers who use the internet to search for information about your products or services…then your company and its digital assets are ready to receive the full Digital Hinge Digital Marketing makeover.

If you need a sanity check look at your competitors – those at the top of their market with the largest sales teams, revenues and industry authority.

Chances are today they’re heavily invested in Digital Marketing, whether you know it or not. Do a search online for your competitors. Have they got a blog? Do they offer free ebooks and whitepapers? Are they using landing pages and forms to collect customer information? Then they’re using Digital Marketing.

What do you say now? Schedule a free 30 minute assessment and one of our consultants can help you discover if you’re industry and your company can use digital marketing to generate more leads and grow revenue.

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Who is going to be writing the blog articles?

In some cases our staff, sometime you and your staff. We even outsource the blog writing on occasion. Its transparent and the cost and quality of the blog articles are the same because everyone is working from the same Digital Marketing Plan with the same goals.

When managing content creation and writing of blog articles for your company we help your company avoid a costly and common blogging mistake. Instead of writing for customers, some business bloggers mistakenly write for their industry peers, whom are often competitors. This wont help you generate more leads or sales.

And that’s what is great for your company when you hire Digital Hinge as an extension of your marketing team. You can leave all of the keyword optimisation, article title creation, writer briefings, article editing and industry expertise to us so you have more time to do what you do best.

Do I really have to get a new website?

Short answer – depends.

Depends if you think your current CMS platform, website appearance and performance (ability to meet your goals and KPI’s for new leads and generating sales) is great then you already have your answer…and if you are completely happy and achieving all of your online goals, we’re surprised you’re even reading this!

If you have a solid foundation we may be able to perform some website refreshment or website rescue and use your existing website as a base.

Schedule a 30 minute free Website assessment and we’ll see if we’re able to help in your situation.

Request Assessment

Do I own the website or does Digital Hinge?

You do. We have a simple policy. Once you’re all paid up its all yours. That’s fair for everyone.

You wont be stepping on our toes by asking questions or offering suggestions – in fact we welcome them all. We want your ideas because its your website, brand and customers, not ours.

We wont be following up your leads – you will, we’ll be creating high performance systems and strategies to get more of them for you to follow up and teach you along the way.


Ready to Get Started?

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